For over 17 years we have developed a loyal clientele of authors from all walks of life who rely on our services for their self-publishing needs. With over 10,000 titles printed to date – including many best-selling self-published books, and enjoying repeat business from over 75% of our clients, we pride ourselves in having helped thousands of new authors from over 50 countries around the world achieve their dream of book publishing.

Here are some of their testimonials…

"I just wanted to take this time to thank you very much for all your help during our journey to have our book "Sweet Memories" published. It was truly a labour of love, and we really think it turned out wonderfully. Couldn't ask for anything better, really.

We were so blessed to have found you, and will cherish our book(s) for generations to come. Some of the recipients we've delivered (Calgary) and mailed (out of town) have already started to give fantastic feedback after having already read them from cover to cover. "

Karen Lundy - Author

"In the marketing world of book publishing, we often need advance materials before the actual hardcover book is printed. Blitzprint does a fantastic, high-quality job of our early manuscripts and delivers them speedily and professionally. Their customer service is excellent too - friendly, personal and professional."

Alison Cairns - Online Manager at D&M Publishers

"I am a first time author and I have to say that the experience of getting my manuscript to print has been a relaxing and stress-free process. I was intimidated to start the process but Blitzprint calmed all my fears with their great advice and abilities to solve problems quickly and respectfully. I continue to use them and I highly recommend their service. There's never a doubt that their service will measure up. Thank you Blitzprint for your outstanding service!"

Sharon Ennis - Author - Gabby’s Gift

"When I first decided to write a book, I had no idea about all of the details involved; not to mention the fact that I was 77 years old and a quadriplegic.

I had to learn how to use a computer, which I had never done before, and I had to learn how to "write" using a Dragon voice activated system. I needed a lot of help.

I was referred to Blitzprint, and upon visiting their operation I liked what I saw. I consulted the Better Business Bureau; they gave Blitzprint a three star rating and issued a statement that in 20 years they had received no complaints.

Starting virtually from scratch, Blitzprint helped me set up my program. They were a great assistance throughout the development and printing of my book "Power to Grow"

I am now in the process of issuing two fairly large family history books. I have gone to Blitzprint to set me up and guide me through to the completion of the printing. The people there do very good work and are a pleasure to deal with. I recommend them."

Ed Kowalenko - Author of Power to Grow

"I want you to know how pleased my husband and I are with Blitzprint's printing of his book. Despite the long Easter week-end, delivery was well within the specified time frame, and we were delighted with the look and feel of the book. What's more, the price is right! It's good to deal with a company that does not lie in its advertising. Congratulations, Blitzprint, on an excellent job."

Doreen and Alan Pearson - Publishers of Freewheeling - Through Gossamer Dragstrips

"The books have been received and they are beautiful! I am very impressed by Blitzprint and would like to thank you for all your attention and follow-through to get the books to us before the book launch. I will certainly speak of Blitzprint with accolades because of my experience. Thanks again!"

Harreson Sito - Publisher of Wildflowers at my Doorstep

"I want to say thanks for making my dream possible."

Becky Scott - Author of Best Dress

"Working with Blitzprint has been an absolute joy. My books look terrific and the process was so easy and rewarding."

Virgil Huston - Author of Looking Back

"All I can say is "Wow!" You did a top-notch printing — from the brilliant, radiant colors on the outside to the crisp clear printing on the inside. There is no way a buyer can pick up my book without wanting to own it. It LOOKS like a bestseller!"

David Leonhardt - Author of The Happy Guy

"My book and experience with Blitzprint exceeded all my expectations! I wish I had found you guys years ago."

Tom Bastable - Author of Glory

"The Quality and attention to service from the Blitzprint crew must be applauded. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with knowledgeable people who understand both the traditional and print-on-demand business models."

Brian Hades - Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

"Thank you so much for the great job you did on my book - it looks terrific!"

Debbie Darling - Author of Upsize Woman in a Downsize World

"Great job on the book. Really happy with it."

David Moore - Author of Moore Stories

"Thanks again for a great job."

Barbra Paskow Glickenhaus - Author of Designing a High-Performance Organization

"Despite the physical distance between us, I have the greatest confidence that the files I send will be produced exactly the way I want them. Such peace of mind, and the knowledge that deadlines will be met, is essential."

Andrew Hook - Elastic Press

"We received all the books this morning and they look fantastic! Thank you so much for the lightning fast turn-around, you saved our event."

Charles McStravick - Author of How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

"Lorrie was a joy to work with and the books arrived in record time looking fabulous as usual. I want to thank everyone at Blitzprint for a great job!"

Julie Dort - Author of Top of Mind Accounting

"I checked all of the books and they look fantastic. I can't wait to take 50 of them to Paris in three weeks.
You and your staff did a great job. I've already written the first draft of my second book. I will try and attract a literary agent etc.... but if this doesn't work out I hope you will print my second book.
You have no idea how happy I was to see five boxes of my books sitting by my front door yesterday. Again, they look wonderful."

Ken Samanski - Author of French Like Me

"I am a self-taught computer expert, whose books are now used on Masters of Science courses. The Bios Companion grew out of the notes I kept as I fixed computers (entirely without help!). A journalist friend saw it and mentioned it in the computer help column in his magazine. The phone hasn't stopped ringing since! But mostly, I spend my time as a qualified helicopter and aero-plane pilot.

I decipher government regulations so that all pilots can understand them. With this specialized niche market, I can make more money publishing the books myself, and I didn't trust publishers to stay true to the books, or to be able to keep up to the demands for regular changes. My files need to be constantly revised to keep current with ever-changing regulations, and printing with Blitzprint means that my books are always current. I don't toss away outdated stock.

I found publishing my first book with Blitzprint to be a rewarding and interesting learning experience. I learned a lot about the publishing industry and how it works — and I'm still learning! But after successfully publishing 10 books, I say… what's stopping you? Go for it"

Phil Croucher - Author of The Bios Companion