eBook Development

Your Same Great Book With A Shiny New Look!

More and more book buyers are demanding the convenience of eBooks. Portable, searchable and easily updated, they’re one of the most exciting publishing advances in recent years.

At Blitzprint, your eBook will be professionally formatted to ensure the highest level of compatibility with, and functionality on, leading platforms and readers. Our developers check and test each eBook personally to verify proper reflow for every device and screen size.

You can also count on us for the most broadly compatible, accessible, and error-free eBooks. Blitzprint works with a dedicated partner in eBook development to create ePub and Mobi files. Together, we believe an eBook should take full advantage of digital technologies, rather than being an afterthought to print.

As a good eBook design requires consistency across all formats while being maximally accessible, navigable and searchable; our eBooks are quoted as a unique title for the hours a senior developer requires to create your digital publication.

For a detailed eBook quote on developing a digital strategy for your title please contact your Client Support Specialist or simply email us your request and completed manuscript.