Indexing Service

Book-business insiders often measure the professionalism of a non-fiction work by the quality of its index. What’s more, online booksellers frequently display indexes so that customers can compare book content before buying. That makes your index a key selling feature, triggering more favorable book reviews and boosting sales and royalties.

A well-crafted index speeds readers to the information they want in non-fiction titles such as computer, business and cookbooks. You can compile your own index; but if you’d prefer the services of an expert—at competitive book-indexing rates—Blitzprint can recommend an indexer. Working with your final page proof, a professional indexer creates two-level indexes with main entries, subheadings and appropriate cross-references.

The result: a customized index that delivers quick and easy access to your book’s detailed information.

Contact a Blitzprint Client Support Specialist. An indexer will provide an estimate based on a review of a representative sample of your book.