Copyright and ISBN Information

Copyright, ISBNs and CIP data can often seem to be confusing and convoluted topics to tackle. Here is some information to help you complete these steps on your own.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

You can get your ISBN from Library and Archives Canada

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) identifies a title and its publisher. ISBNs are issued by individual agencies in every country that adheres to the standard. In the United States, you can acquire your number through In Canada, ISBNs can be acquired through Library and Archives Canada

You are under no obligation to get an ISBN; however, marketing your book will be difficult without one, as industry sales and distribution systems depend on them.

It’s simple and free to sign up. Register through Library and Archives Canada, or if you don’t have internet access contact:

Canadian ISBN Agency
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N4
Tel: (819) 994 6872
Fax: (819) 934 7535

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Cataloguing In Publication

Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) is a voluntary program of cooperation between publishers and libraries, and a free service in Canada.

Unfortunately, CIP service has been discontinued for self-published materials. Library and Archives Canada recommends that authors of self-published books consider approaching their local libraries or bookstores about opportunities to promote their works.

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Library and Archives Canada

After your first print run is complete, and if you registered for an ISBN, it is important at this point that you send in a copy of your book to Library and Archives Canada. This is called a legal deposit and confirms the information that you provided for your book and completes the registration process.

Legal deposit applies to publications produced in Canada regardless of medium or format, including, for example: books (monographs); serials (journals, periodicals, magazines); sound, video and spoken-word recordings; multimedia or instructional kits; CD- and DVD-ROMs; microforms; cartographic materials; and online or digital publications. For more detailed instructions and to download the requisite form click here.

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