Blogging – An Author’s Best Friend

blogBlogging is important. I’m not just saying that to justify the time that I spend every week to write up an article, I am saying it because it is true. What a great way for people to get to know you, your work, and your writing skills. It’s a way to gain a following, and to build yourself up. Whether it be as an intriguing and gripping story teller or as a knowledgeable expert on the topic at hand.

Writing fictions books? Put out small excerpts of your books every week. Have people begging to read more and talking about you. If you put out enough interesting and gripping tidbits, chances are that your followers are going to want to buy the book to get the rest of the story. It will also push you to get started on that next book!

Have you written a non fiction book about an industry or skill? Create little tips and hint articles. Let people see that you really are an expert, and the go to person.

You only need to have 1 blog a week, and if you have it integrated with your website, it can even act as a factor in how high your site ranks in the organic searches for online search engines!

A blog should be a way to promote yourself, which should be a way to promote your books. It also allows you to share your story or knowledge with a really broad platform of people from all over the world.

Publishing, whether it be traditional or self publishing, success relies on marketing and promoting. Use this as an easy and readily available tool to do just that. After all, what is stopping you? You know how to write, and you have tons of great ideas, and I’m sure that you have 15 minutes in a week to sit down and put them on to the screen.

You can easily get a free blog from places like WordPress, and they are completely customizable. The sky is honestly the limit when it comes to the different templates out there. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of free ones available. Make your blog feel like home to you. Create a connection with your reader that is worth more than a thousand words!

So what’s stopping you? Get out there and start your blog already!

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