Break Up With Your Book Printer

So, you thought that you found your dream book printer. They promised you everything and anything that you could have ever dreamed of, and they swept you off your feet. The problem? When they swept you off your feet, you landed in the dust pan. What do you do now that you have discovered that you don’t want to work with this printer anymore?

1. Review your contract.

Did you sign a print agreement or contract with them? Review it carefully, and see what kinds of penalties you may be facing for walking away. Prepare yourself walking in.

2. Do you still own your files?

Check closely for this information in all of the documentation that you signed and agreed to. Do you still own your book? If yes, did they create the files (did they typset and design)? If yes, do you own the rights to those files?

3. Get your files back.

If you do, indeed, own the rights to your files, and you had them do the design work, tell your book printer that you need them to give you the source/native files, as well as all supporting files, such as the fonts and the links, and that you want them all packaged up. Sounds like mumbo jumbo? That’s ok, they will know what you are looking for. You want ALL of your files, so that you can take them to another printer or designer. Get them if you can, since you are still going to be paying for them either way.

4. Write your Dear John letter.

It seems like a mean way to break up, but it is oh so necessary. Write your formal letter and make sure that you send it to them in a manner that you have proof that you sent it, like email. Request a response from them, and make sure that you get it in writing.

5. Get your money back.

Get your money back, and make sure that everything adds up. Check and double check.  Now is the time to do this.

6. Don’t get bullied.

Stick to your guns and don’t get pushed around. Some companies try to use bully and stall tactics. Don’t be rude or mean, but be firm and stand your ground.

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