Gloss or Matte Laminate: Which Cover is Best For You?

What is Laminate?

Laminate is a a thin, transparent plastic coating applied to paper stock that provides protection against liquid, or heavy use. Lamination can be glossy or matte, and the right option can add that perfect final touch to your design. A gloss laminate can add more contrast and improve the sharpness of your design, while a matte laminate can be more luxurious and understated.

While the technology to create a sturdy matte laminate has come a long way in just a few short years, gloss laminate is still recommended for covers that have wide spread areas of dark or highly saturated colors, as matte still scuffs more easily and can be prone to scratching and fingerprints. The right print finish can have as strong an impact on your finished design as the design itself, and though a matte laminate is currently more ‘in vogue’, the decision on gloss or matte is entirely a personal aesthetic preference.



Lamination and Binding

Lamination can be used on all types of binding we offer – perfect (soft cover), saddle stitch, wire coil, plastic coil, and even hard cover lithowrap. As with perfect bound covers, litho-wrapped covers can have a gloss or matte laminate. The laminated paper is pulled tight around a thick board, and attached to the back of the board using an adhesive, just as with standard case binds and the cloth or buckram finishes.

Whatever the pros and cons, at the end of the day, you are the author, and you decide what is best for your book.

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