What is Legal Deposit?

legal-depositMake Library and Archives Your Friend Part 3

Well, according to the Legal Deposit section of the Library and Archives Canada website, “Legal deposit is the means by which a comprehensive national library collection is gathered together as a record of the nation’s published heritage and development. Providing a publication to Legal Deposit at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) ensures its permanent preservation for present and future generations.”

So what does that translate to? Basically, when you register for an ISBN, and for CIP data, you are only taking the first step. The final step, to fully register your “books, serials (journals, periodicals, newsletters), spoken word sound recordings, video recordings, CD/DVD-ROMs and microforms”* is to send in one or two copies, dependant on the size of your book run, to Library and Archives Canada. If you had 1-99 books printed you will only send in 1 copy of the book. If you had 100+ books printed, then you are required to send in 2 copies. This allows them to get the exact data that they need, such as size, final page count, weight, and the rest of the stuff that you likely guessed at when you were applying for the data initially. The purpose of this is also so that there is a copy of your book, kept safe at LAC. Essentially, archived at the national library. Likely where they got their name from….

The process is a fairly simple one, but only can be started once the printing of your book is complete. Once that important step has taken place, go to this page, download the correct form for your needs, and fill it out. Attach the form to the copies that you are sending in, package up safely, and send them off. I would personally recommend sending them via a courier, such as UPS, Fed-Ex or Purolator. Those forms of shipping tend to be fairly reliable.

Your books can be shipped to:

Legal Deposit
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4
Telephone: 819-997-9565

You’ll want to include all of that information if you are shipping with a courier.

Now, to talk about copyright and Legal Deposit. ISBN, CIP Data and Legal Deposit all provide a good date stamp for your book, but they are not the same as copyright. We will discuss copyright more in depth after the holidays.

Until then, if you would like more information on publishing and self publishing, check out our website.

Take care, and have a great week!

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