Distribution Advice

At Blitzprint, we don’t distribute books to the end reader, and we think it’s important that you know why. We have chosen instead, to provide what we believe, is of much greater value to self-publishers: top-notch book development and manufacturing support. We believe that you should keep as much of the book proceeds to yourself as possible.

Distributing Your Book on Amazon

There are some self-publishing/print companies that will add your book to Amazon for a price. These are usually monthly or yearly charges. We recommend that you add it to Amazon yourself and save the money. Publishing margins are thin and every penny counts.

You can either have Amazon store or ship your books, or you can do this yourself. Doing it yourself puts you in the driver’s seat and more money in your pocket.

The process of working with Amazon is quite simple. 

Getting Your Self-Published Book into Libraries

Like distribution, getting your book into libraries takes work. There are companies who will help you get your book into systems that archive your book and make it available to libraries worldwide. However, once again this is a paid service – more off your bottom line.

We recommend you reach out to your local libraries yourself to test the market before committing to a third party.