Book Development

The success of every book hinges first on the work of its author; but other professionals are also vital. This can be doubly true for the self-publisher. Suddenly, you’re more than the writer—you’re also the publisher, and you have to think like one. To get a book published demands a team of experts: editors, illustrators, graphic designers and indexing pros who will help ensure that the work seizes the attention of bookstore buyers.

Whether you’re writing a novel, a memoir or a children’s book, count on Blitzprint’s self-publishing knowledge and services. We’ll connect you with trusted and experienced experts to help get your book published. We’ll also guide you to detailed copyright and ISBN information that will help protect your work and your rights as the author.

Learn more about our book-development services below.

Ready to format your book?

If your manuscript is complete, you don’t need further editing or indexing support, and you would like Blitzprint to format and design your print-ready files, check out the next steps.

Ready to print your book?

If your manuscript is complete and you don’t need design, editing or indexing support, learn about submitting print ready files