You’ve chosen to publish your own book. And, we know that taking the next steps might seem daunting but we’re here to make self-publishing your book easy. So, we have taken the process of self-publishing, and broken it down into simple, manageable steps.
When you choose to self-publish with Blitzprint, you won’t find any costly packages, royalty agreements or contracts. Instead, you’ll work with a team of experts who are committed to getting your book to market, while ensuring you retain the authors’ rights with full control over your work.

Are You Just Getting Started?

Our easy-to-follow guide will walk you through self-publishing. It can help you start a template, set margins, and choosing fonts. It has everything you need to turn your manuscript into a book.

Self Publishing Guide

Ready to Print?

If your manuscript is complete, then your next step is preparing print-ready files. So download our self-publishing checklist, and keep track of all the necessities needed for your book.

Author Checklists

Templates and Tools

Need a jumpstart?
The resources below will help you set up your book for printing.
So, click on the link that matches the size of your book and download the file to begin working.

Interior Templates

Interior Book Templates

Cover Templates

Interior Book Templates

Other Templates

Other Templates For Books

Covers and Spines

Your cover is made of 3 parts. Front, Back, and Spine.

So the front and back cover are the same dimensions as your interior pages. Hard cover books are approximately 0.125 inches larger.

Your spine is dependent on the paper selected and your page count. So, if you are not sure what paper to use refer to your estimate or discuss your options with a member of our team. And you can calculate your book’s spine for our standard stocks with our Spine Calculator.

Your page count must be taken after your book is fully formatted.

If you require assistance refer to our Self-Publishing Guide or select one of our templates above to get started.

Spine Calculator

Unsure of what paper you need? See your quote for your paper type.

This calculator is limited to perfect bound and lithowrap publications.


Number of pages:

Spine Width = 0 inch

Library and Archives Canada

Legal Deposits Program

After your first print run is complete, and if you registered for an ISBN, it is important at this point that you send in a copy of your book to Library and Archives Canada. And this is called a legal deposit and confirms the information that you provided for your book and completes the registration process.

Legal deposit applies to publications produced in Canada regardless of medium or format, including, for example: books (monographs); serials (journals, periodicals, magazines); sound, video and spoken-word recordings; multimedia or instructional kits; CD- and DVD-ROMs; microforms; cartographic materials; and online or digital publications. So for more detailed instructions and to download the requisite form click here.

Cataloging In Publication (CIP)

Cataloging in Publication (CIP) was a voluntary program of cooperation between publishers and libraries, and a free service in Canada.

Unfortunately, CIP service has been discontinued for self-published materials. So, Library and Archives Canada recommends that authors of self-published books consider approaching their local libraries or bookstores about opportunities to promote their works.